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Thor Mechanical specializes in the commercial sales, installation and service of refrigeration, heating & air conditioning equipment in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Thor Mechanical specializes in the Expert Design, Sales , Installation and Service of all brands of Commercial and Industrial Walk in Coolers and Freezers.

Specialty-  Our team has been providing custom solutions and installation of both the structure and mechanical portions of walk in coolers and freezers combined for over 30 years. From complete site demo and insulated concrete slabs to the most advanced energy efficient controls and internet monitoring we provide it at the highest level. We personally oversee all phases of construction and ensure that its done right the first time.

Design - We can take your already produced plans and build or we can assist you all the way through the entire design process. From small Reach-in coolers to large food processing refrigerated warehouses we have the experience to SUCCESSFULLY meet your design needs. Not only do we design but we actually perform the installations which eliminates the frustrating disconnect between the design and build.

Sales – Thor Mechanical works closely with top manufacturers across the country to come up with the right product for your particular situation. There are some manufactures that  may offer installation but at Thor we keep our options open so we can better suit your needs by getting you the right product for your application and also concentrate  on your installation.

Installation – We take pride in our installations. We personally oversee the entire installation with expert people in every phase and aspect of the installation process. Cutting corners is not an option. Our team is trained to do the right thing. It’s pretty simple really. We at Thor Mechanical prefer customer satisfaction OVER maximum profit margins. We will never ask our crews to compromise quality to wrap up a job. Doing the right thing when no one is looking is what we demand and expect of our crew.

Service- This is where we really separate ourselves from the pack.  Our foundation is in service. Building is nice but knowing how and why its works are the keys to a long lasting cold storage system providing the end user with the most competently designed system possible. We are often called out to fix installations where corners have been cut and proper system start up procedures ignored resulting in serious system and financial damage. We find that there are 2 major reasons for these corners being cut. The first is cost, whether it’s the contractor pushing to save time to maximize profits or the contractor not willing to pay their technicians so they can undercut the competition. The second reason is simply incompetence or not knowing better. Either way it’s wrong. There is a correct way to perform these procedures and IT TAKES TIME, you cannot expedite a proper installation and our service technicians are highly experienced and directed to NEVER cut corners.